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How do I get divorced?

Getting divorced involves following a strict process – which can be complicated legally.

A typical divorce will involve the following stages:

1. Fill in a divorce application.

This can be a joint application (where you and your spouse apply together) or a sole application (where only you apply). You can fill this in online or use a paper form.

2. Submit the application, along with the court fee, to the court.

This can be done online or via post. The court fee is currently £593.

3. Apply for a conditional order.

The conditional order can be applied for as long as 20 weeks have passed since you submitted the divorce application and your spouse has acknowledged it.

4. Apply for a final order.

The final order can be applied for 6 weeks and 1 day after the conditional order has been granted. Once a final order has been granted you are divorced.

A word of warning, the final order being granted does not deal with your finances or any issues relating to children. These need to be dealt with separately. It is important to consider in each case whether you should wait to apply for the final order until finances have been dealt with.

Eccles Heddon can help guide you through the divorce process, including dealing with finances and any children related issues, by providing legal advice which takes into account your individual circumstances. To discuss your case further please do not hesitate to contact us.

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