Employment Law


We spend a significant part of our lives at work. For that reason, our employer/employee relationships are perhaps some of the most important we will encounter. Coupled with the fact that our jobs support our lifestyles and those of our families, it can be an extremely testing time when those relationships are strained or break down.

At Eccles Heddon, we can give advice on cases of possible unfair or wrongful dismissal, either to the employer or the employee. We will discuss the specific circumstances of the case with you and advise on the merits of taking the matter to the Employment Tribunal, including the costs which may be incurred. We will advise you on the likely outcome and on alternative ways of resolving the issue.

It may be that, either as employer or employee, you have been forced to consider the issue of redundancy and its possible consequences. You may require advice on the terms of a Compromise Agreement or other similar document. We will be pleased to assist you in these circumstances.

If there has been a breakdown of the employment relationship, we will help you to deal with this on satisfactory terms. If the relationship is to continue, we hope to restore it in a way which enables the parties to move forward together in an agreeable and co-operative manner.

To discuss employment matters further, please contact Rajinder Richards, Liz Kidd (Ripon) or Jane Midgley (Bedale).

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